It’s a golden day for globes

It’s Golden Globes day! Fun fact: Keep saying ‘golden’ and ‘globes’ for a few minutes and it loses all meaning. It even starts to sound rather ridiculous. 😛 I’m excited to see what’s going to go down tonight. I suppose that was the purpose for those network execs (or whoever it was) for bringing Ricky Gervais back to host. He turned the whole event into a reality show. Testing waters and pushing buttons. The media on their toes to capture the reactions. Sure it was kinda mean (like that shot at Mel Gibson lol), but for the rest of us down right entertaining. XD I was with Ricky and thought there was no way they’d ask him back, yet here he is! lol I love it. Here’s some highlights from last year in case you missed it. I mean, I don’t want to hype it up too much, but you probably don’t want to miss it this year either. You never know what will happen. 😛

I guess I should mention something about the nominees… Hm, I honestly don’t care that much who wins. I guess I’ll humour myself (let’s face it, I’m the only one reading this lol) and go through some of the categories.

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Don’t Knock It: Jersey Shore

If you haven’t heard of Jersey Shore by now you must be living under a rock. It’s everywhere! It’s become so mainstream in our society that I was actually surprised to find out they’re only on season 3 of the show. It feels like it’s been around a lot longer. I’ve also never really given the show a fair shot. I’d heard about the crazy antics of Snookie and the arrogance of The Situation and honestly none of it really interested me to delve further into that sub-culture. Then by chance (as it seems to always happen) I witnessed a glimpse of the show with a somewhat open mind. And you know what? I was kinda surprised.

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