Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Cast Flashback

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Most of us know that Marvel has their movies lined up for the next 50 years. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but sometimes it feels like it. With the success of their Marvel Universe on the big screen the studio has been ruling San Diego Comic Con this year. Most of the cast was on hand Day 3 for the panel, including newcomer characters Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Ultron, and Thanos. But before these actors will be burned into our brains as these super heroes and villains, I thought we’d take a walk down memory lane and remember what they’ve done B.M. (before Marvel).

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Moon Prism Power Makeup! Sailor Moon gets the reboot treatment


I’m surprised that people are STILL making Sailor Moon reboots. When I was a kid, I loved the original NA dub by DiC. I got all my friends into it too. It played during the noon hour everyday, so we’d hurry to my place to watch it. I remember obsessively learning how to draw Sailor Moon’s anime art style. I also remember blowing people’s minds with it as it was a style they were unfamiliar with. I even dressed up as Sailor Mars for Halloween one year. But that was years and years ago. The last time I even thought about Sailor Moon was when the live-action series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, was making the subbed rounds on the internet back in 2003. Now, on the 20th anniversary of the manga series, Toei Animation has rebooted the series as Sailor Moon Crystal.

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Remember the time when…? [Day 5, 6, & 7]

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I skipped like 100 days in the 30 Day Song Challenge! So, uh, I’m going to combine days 5, 6, and 7. They’re fairly similar anyways. Basically songs that remind you of a person, place, and event.

It’s funny, but I don’t normally associate people with songs. I do with places and events like crazy. And usually the events are with a specific person in mind, so in a way it reminds me of them. I think this is good that I’m merging them all together because when I think about it these songs could fall under all 3 categories.

Day 5: Song that reminds you of someone

Backstreet Boys – Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)

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Nostalgic Trip: My Childhood Toys – The Barbie Years


I’ve noticed the older I get the more I think about when I was a kid. I don’t know why because it’s not like it makes me feel younger. If anything it just makes me feel EVEN older… But I am amazed about the toys and things that I grew up with and how anyone outside of my generation hasn’t a clue what it was like or why it was cool. It’s the epitome of, “You had to be there.”

People have told me that I’ve got a good memory. I’m not so sure about short term, but I guess my long term isn’t so bad if memories are given time to marinate in my brain. And sometimes I remember the strangest details which could give the illusion that I have a really good memory heh. Anyways, I thought I’d share some of those. Might be interesting… But I’m probably just going to sound like an old kook proven by the fact that I used the word “kook.”  Continue reading