K-POP Share Time: Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

This is what I love about K-Pop! Crayon Pop has got it all. The bright colours. The cute dances. Catchy easy to sing hooks. And helmets for no reason other than to look like the poor man’s Power Rangers. XD

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Test your might! *chchchchhh* Day 1 of 30 Day Song Challenge

I’m pretty bad at completing these challenges, but maybe this will be it! Actually, I think they’re really good when I don’t know what to say. That seems to happen often here… ^^;;

So, here’s the challenge. 30 days of songs! I’ll see about having a post each day, but I might get sick of just seeing post after post of song challenges. You know how it is. 😛

Day 1: Your Favourite Song

Ooo, starting with the big one, huh?

This is gonna have to be a multiple part answer. So… yeah, let’s do a bit of editing here, shall we?

Part 1: Favourite Song I had when I was younger and still love to pieces even if I’m not completely sure why

Bush – Glycerine

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