Oscars 2014 brought you by Twitter, Samsung & PIZZA

I’m going to keep this super brief because by this time if you haven’t heard and/or seen the Oscar selfie… well… you really have no excuse. Even Meryl Streep, who has never tweeted before, knew what was up. So, I’ll just leave you with my favourite gif of the night.


I feel Bradley Cooper’s pain. Pretty much how I feel every time I’m explaining technology to older relatives.

Bradley Cooper: You need to turn it sideways… Here gimme, I’ll do it… FFS just gimme the phone. There we go! Open-mouthed smile

Overall, I’d give the show 8/10.

Ellen was funny and I thought she carried the show well. No real shockers in terms of who got what awards. I wasn’t surprised that American Hustle got zip. The movie was all hype, not enough substance. Acceptance speeches were nice. I kinda liked Cate Blanchet’s jab at Hollywood about the lack of leading female roles in this modern day. I could’ve done without the blatant product placement… *ahem* I’m looking at you Samsung. I liked the inclusion of actually performing the nominated songs. I seem to remember they hadn’t been doing that. But then I guess when both U2 and Pharrell are nominated how could you not have them do a performance? Of course the show ran long… over 3 hours! As much as I like watching Chris Evans introduce a montage of action heroes and see all my favourite movies, it was a waste of time. But I enjoyed Pink’s tribute to The Wizard of Oz. She killed it. And the pizza moment was funny at the time, but in hindsight I feel strange thinking that celebrities eating pizza was laugh-worthy…. because it’s really not… o.o Anyways, it was better than last year. Smile

[Blow My Mind] Bradley Cooper speaks French??

Yeah, so it’s not ground breaking news, but I am surprised. Personally, I’m not a very big Bradley Cooper fan. Partially because I don’t dig the roles he plays. This blew my mind because it kinda humbled me in a strange way. I’ve had this perception of him based on the roles he’s done. Yeah yeah yeah, I shouldn’t judge someone I’ve never met. And normally I don’t, but there are certain actors who are type cast or have only had the one break through role that I can’t help when I see them there’s a part of me that thinks they really are like that. It’s a whole mind fuck thing. It’s also ridiculous.

So, the only roles I’ve seen Bradley Cooper in he’s been playing, well, douche-y characters. I did keep an open mind about him initially, but I caught an interview of him on Leno (I think it was… might’ve been Conan…) that further concluded my perception of him. I don’t remember the interview exactly, but I’m sure it was for promoting The Hangover and the conversation was about drunken nights or something. So, I could’ve given him the benefit of the doubt since most people sound like a douche when they rehash stories of what they did when they were drunk. XD Needless to say I didn’t pay attention to any more interviews with him in it.

But I stumbled upon this interview of him promoting The Hangover 2 on French tv. My French is très mal so I could only really understand the jist of it. Thankfully there’s subtitles heh. It’s impressive that he can speak French fluently. In the interview he says he learned it while being a foreign exchange student in France while in college. The family he stayed with only spoke French and insisted he only speak it too. I’ve been immersed in French when I was in my late teens. Although I had an advantage that I had learned some French in school and retained the basics. Even so, the longer I stayed the easier it was to understand, but even after almost a year I wasn’t close to being fluent. And especially now after years have passed since communicating with anyone who speaks French I can barely understand someone speaking it. So, I am impressed that he was able to grasp the language at that age and actually retain it! That is what blew my mind. Not to say that he still couldn’t be an ass in person, but it’s reminded me to stay open minded about people. To be honest, there was only him and Matthew Morrison (Glee) who I felt this way about. Strange.