New 3DS announcement! Iwata you sly bastard :P

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So, Nintendo surprised me by uploading a Nintendo Direct today that included a HUGE announcement (plus it’s great to see Iwata is recovering well from his surgery). They presented us with a new 3DS system! And it’s Japanese release date is October 11, 2014. That’s less than two months away! WTF.

Personally, I think this is a good time for an updated 3DS. Nintendo has a lot of momentum with new 3DS games coming out soon (I just got my Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright today!) and people seem to really be appreciating the 3DS more. Some people have complained that Nintendo is ripping people off, but I don’t feel that way with the new 3DS. Not like how I did with the DSi and I think they’ve learned from that. The new 3DS honestly feels like a lot of QoL changes that were a long time coming. To me, it’s the natural evolution of the system.

Now, let’s break it down!

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Pokémon Battle Trozei out now on 3DS, $8 USD well spent


Pokémon Battle Trozei came out exclusively for the 3DS eShop on March 20th. I’ve never played the previous Pokémon Trozei game nor have I played Nintendo’s Puzzle League series. But I do like a good match-3 game that doesn’t have the words “Candy” or “Saga” in it. And this game is unbelievably addictive. It fills the void when I’ve got some downtime and want to play a quick game or two.

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