A place for something about nothing.
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Rather than bore anyone with long winded paragraphs, I’ll keep these short.

I like music, but mostly if it’s mixed with other music a la mashup.

I have too many video games and not enough time patience to play them.

I watch too much tv. When there’s nothing’s on I leave it on the Reality TV channel.

Yes, we have that channel. I live in Canada.

I’m sorta patriotic, but really I just think our flag is pretty.

I am a girl.

No, really. (I’m also taken)

I like puppies and zombies. I’m not decided about puppy zombies tho.

Time travel intrigues me, but also confuses me.

My childhood was internet-free, yet it consumed my teen years and beyond.

I don’t have any plans for this place.

It’s just a small glimpse of my mind.

So, enjoy your stay. 🙂

Note: And this is horribly out-of-date… lol

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