New 3DS announcement! Iwata you sly bastard :P

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So, Nintendo surprised me by uploading a Nintendo Direct today that included a HUGE announcement (plus it’s great to see Iwata is recovering well from his surgery). They presented us with a new 3DS system! And it’s Japanese release date is October 11, 2014. That’s less than two months away! WTF.

Personally, I think this is a good time for an updated 3DS. Nintendo has a lot of momentum with new 3DS games coming out soon (I just got my Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright today!) and people seem to really be appreciating the 3DS more. Some people have complained that Nintendo is ripping people off, but I don’t feel that way with the new 3DS. Not like how I did with the DSi and I think they’ve learned from that. The new 3DS honestly feels like a lot of QoL changes that were a long time coming. To me, it’s the natural evolution of the system.

Now, let’s break it down!

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Iwata starts by talking about the new home menu that will be customizable and can be bought from the Nintendo eShop.

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-45-18-661

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-45-36-778

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-45-47-044

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-45-52-026

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-45-58-574

Another example is shown with a Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds theme.

Then a small trailer video shows briefly the new features of the New 3DS system. Which Iwata goes into more detail later.

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-53-05-114

There are 2 flavours of each New 3DS. The regular 3DS comes in white and black (this makes sense for later in the video). The XL/LL comes in metallic blue and metallic black.

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-54-40-773

The screen sizes are talked about a bit. The XL/LL will have the same ~4″ screen. But the new 3DS will be ~3″ and have a difference of 1.2″ between the old and new versions.

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-56-31-241

The new 3DS will have coloured ABXY buttons with similar colour of the Super Famicom. I don’t know if this will be the case for NA 3DS. I kinda hope they change them to the dark/light purple buttons of the SNES

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-58-38-524

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-58-49-464

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-59-00-842

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-03-49-258

One of the major new hardware changes is the C-stick. It’s reminiscent of the Circle Pad Pro for the XL and the C-stick for the Gamecube. But this will be on both new regular and XL/LL systems. 

Games that were confirmed to support the C-stick or Circle Pad Pro are:

  • Monster Hunter 4G
  • Dragon Quest X (online)
  • Final Fantasy Explorers
  • Super Smash Bros 3DS

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-07-59-832

Other hardware changes include the ZR and ZL shoulder buttons.

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-51-14-754

The game cart slot, headphone jack, stylus holder, and power button will now all be located on the front.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-10-13-116

A look at the difference of stylus pens between the new 3DS and XL/LL.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-11-09-443

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-11-45-791

Size comparisons of old and new devices. The regular 3DS is slightly wider, longer, and heavier. Whereas the new XL/LL is close to the same size, but very slightly shorter and lighter. Although, this will mean that some cases and docking stations will not fit the new models.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-14-47-044

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-14-56-339

Battery life is extended slightly with the new models. I’m assuming this is with the screen turned on to full brightness. There’s a more noticeable difference with the regular 3DS. Then again, the system is also the oldest of the 4 shown.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-17-11-303

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-17-17-213

From what I understand, the new models will have auto brightness adjusters. When the 3DS is in a brightly lit area the screen will be brighter. If the 3DS is somewhere with little light, then the screen will adjust to a lower setting. This would save a lot on battery power.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-20-56-287

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-21-17-101

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-23-03-439

One of the best QoL improvements is the 3D screens. On the old devices if your head wasn’t perfectly aligned the 3D would be blurry. With the new 3DS and its gyro sensors you’ll be able to see the screen in 3D even when looking at the screen on an angle. 

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-24-48-595

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-25-51-776

bandicam 2014-08-29 22-50-49-840

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-28-28-032

The new models will have NFC (near field communication) built-in. On the older devices the NFC would be present in a special game cart. This is presumably for the new Amiibo figurines that are set to launch soon. They’ll be compatible with Super Smash Bros 3DS.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-30-06-879

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-30-25-437

The new models will use microSD cards instead of SD cards. The card slot will be located under the back cover which is easy to remove without screws. Interestingly, the battery is also located here and seems to be easy to remove. As is the stylus holder which would make it easy to dislodge debris that may get stuck in there.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-34-01-545

You will also be able to transfer media from your microSD card to your computer using an access point, such as a local router. This is another needed QoL improvement as it’s not feasible to remove the card every time you want to transfer your photos/music. The downside is it’s only supported with Windows 8.1 and 7 OS. No Mac support. Also, from what I understand it supports microSDHC cards that are 4gb and larger (much like the SDHC cards for the older models).

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-41-18-192

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-41-28-304

There’s a new built-in browser. You’ll be able to use the analog stick and the C-stick to maneuver webpages. The ZR will bring up the browser menu. And it’s capable of reading HTML5 websites, so it can also play videos too.

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-43-52-687

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-44-13-562

The browser also has new parental controls which block unsafe websites. I’m not entirely clear on how this will work (or even if we’ll have this enabled on the NA/EU devices). From what I understand that by default the browser will block certain websites. In order to lift the restriction you will have to provide a valid credit card that will charge you 30yen (~$0.28 USD). 

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-47-31-265

The new models will have a faster more powerful CPU installed. This will allow for faster browsing in the Miiverse and web browser. Games will also install faster through the eShop. 

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-50-11-942

Here’s where things get a bit uncertain. From what I understand some games will utilize the new CPU making graphics in games perform better. I’m not sure if this means that there will be games that will only be able to run on the new 3DS models. Much like how the DSi had games that could not run on the DS Lite. 

Here they showed a new 3DS port for the Xenoblade Chronicles that was originally for the Wii. Presumably this game won’t run on the older 3DS models. But this makes me wonder if that means the CPU will allow for more ports on the 3DS or possibly expand the VC into more GBA games. Who knows?

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-53-53-471

Price points for the new 3DS is 16,000yen (~$153.74 USD) and new XL/LL is 18,800yen (~$180.64 USD). With a release date for Oct. 11, 2014 in Japan! No word on North American or European release dates yet.

These are more than fair price points. Especially when you compare it to other systems out on the market. The 3DS XL and the PSP Vita are about $200. And the regular 3DS goes for about $175. 

bandicam 2014-08-29 23-59-52-884

Docking stations are reasonable as well. New 3DS for 1,000yen (~$9.61 USD) and new XL/LL  1,200yen (~$11.53 USD). 

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-13-684

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-51-722

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-58-591

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-05-08-488

And one of the best QoL changes IMO are the cover plates! The new 3DS (not the XL/LL) has removable cover plates that let you fully customize your device. There will also be matching home screen themes so that everything will match. This is why there are only white and black colours available. The covers go for 1,000yen (~$9.61 USD). 

I think this is a fantastic idea since I feel like there are 2 types of people when it comes to limited edition 3DSes. Those who are collectors and may not even play with the 3DS itself. And those who really like the designs and just want it to own. I fall in the latter and I don’t see the point in buying a whole other system just so I can have a cool design. This solves that problem from me since I have no qualms about buying covers for $10 a pop!

And as far as I can tell, the themes and covers are separate. But it would awesome if they came as a set. And I’m sure you can expect special edition covers to come out too.

I’ll leave you with more delightful covers and theme designs and combinations from the video! The Animal Crossing ones are my favourite!

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-02-53-797bandicam 2014-08-30 00-02-58-981

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-09-500bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-21-140

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-27-716bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-34-226

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-38-566bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-29-131

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-32-931bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-24-082

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-05-00-642bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-38-854

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-43-927bandicam 2014-08-30 00-03-43-641

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-09-744bandicam 2014-08-30 00-04-17-643

bandicam 2014-08-30 00-05-16-315bandicam 2014-08-30 00-05-28-820

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