Shine Bright Like A Diamond–New Sailor Moon Items


News is quickly spreading that Sailor Moon Crystal has now been viewed over 1 million times in just 2 days. And with the first official SMC accessory has been released I thought I’d share some more new Sailor Moon goodies.

Keep in mind that a lot of this is only available through the Premium Bandai store in Japan. It’s not impossible to purchase though if you live outside of Japan (unless it’s sold out). Sailor Moon Collectibles is a great resource for how to use a deputy service to purchase these goods & keeps an amazing up-to-date shopping guide for all the new items being released this year.

Glamorous Jewelry

So, the first episode (minor spoilers) takes place in Usagi’s friend’s family owned jewelry store. There’s a massive sale going on and it plays a key part in a soon to be uncovered diabolical plan. Even though these items don’t have 95% discounts (I wish!), they’re still oh so pretty.

Sailor Soldier Tiara Ring – 11,340 yen (~$112 USD)


Sailor Moon Earrings & Necklaces *limited 20th anniversary series*


Sailor Moon Brooch Pendants – 12,960 yen each (~$128 USD each)


Sailor Moon Super S Brooch Ring – 15,750 yen each (~$155 USD each)


Sailor Moon Wand Pointers Senshi Set – 7,020 yen (~$69 USD)


*Releases December 2014*

Fun & More Affordable Merchandise

Not everyone is up to buying expensive replica items. I’m one of those people. I used to buy the strangest Sailor Moon related products. Most of it has either been sold in garage sales or lost in the depths of the storage locker, but I still have my playing cards.

Sailor Moon socks – 380 yen each pair (~$3.75 USD each pair)

*Pre-orders only. Releases September 2014*

Sailor Moon x Honey Salon Colourful Tote Bags – 6,264 yen each (~$62 USD each)


*Pre-orders only. Releases September 2014*

Sailor Moon Apron – 6,480 yen (~$64 USD)


Silicone iPhone 5s / iPhone 5 Phone Covers – 3,582 yen each ($40 USD)


*Pre-order only. Releases September 2014. CDJapan is currently 10% off*

Crystal Star & Cosmic Heart AC Wall Chargers – $28 USD


Most Delicious of Them All

Sailor Moon ARTismCHOCO chocolates – 2,625 yen (~$26 USD)


Almost too cute to eat. The Power Prism and Crystal both have raspberry sauce centers, while the others are filled with almond praline.

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